Second HEATER Webinar 'Energy Monitoring for Sustainable Communities'

The NPA HEATER Project welcomes you to the second in its series of webinars.

Following the success of our first webinar, the HEATER team is pleased to announce the second in its series. 

Energy Monitoring for Sustainable Communities

Wednesday 9th February 2022

1:00pm – 2:00pm

About this event

This event will showcase Remote Energy Monitoring for Sustainability in Agri, the MAKING-CITY Project and the Northern Ireland Housing Executives approach to accessibility, mobility and assistive technologies. The presentations will enhance our understanding of technological advances and innovative solutions for heat, health and wellbeing for rural, sparsely populated areas within the NPA region. We aim to educate and inform rural householders on key issues, technological advances and the potential energy solutions available to them.


Malachy McElholm, Ulster University, School of Computing, Engineering and Intelligent Systems

Remote Energy Monitoring for Sustainability in Agri.

Jean-Nicolas Louis, University of Oulu MAKING-CITY Project

Smart Energy Use and Remote Monitoring Applications for Tenants in district of Kaukovainio, Oulu.

Shane Elliott, Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Housing and Health Lead

Accessibility, Mobility and Assistive Technologies to promote Health and Wellbeing in Housing


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